Tuition Overview
General Overview

PACT has a significant role to provide continues development plan (CDP) for IICA and other professional bodies like ICPA in Iran. The courses are delivered to interested parties in two major categories as follows:

Conducting 30,000 student/course during 2019 and a target of 50,000 student/course for 2020, has made PACT the leading centre for accountants and auditors in Iran and a world class educational institution in the Middle East region.

ACCA is an international designation whose preparatory courses are being held at PACT at the moment. Having 500 international students, has made PACT the largest international centre for training in Iran. As an international centre and while our reputation and volume of activities grow, we are called upon to respond more efficiently and extensively in all aspects of our tuition. Continues improvements along side cooperation with international bodies are important strategies in front of PACT to strengthen its position in the profession.

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